Saipa Azin


SAIPA stablished SAIPA MOTOR Company in 1991 to produce engines for Pride passenger cars which was located at Saipa Azin current location. SAIPA board decided in 1994 to change the activity of SAIPA Motor Company from engine production to assembling of Renault 5 passenger car. Therefor the name of the company changed to SHETAB KHODRO.
With changing the policy of Industrial Development and Renovation Organization, the production of Renault 5 car was transferred to PARS KHODRO Company.
According to SAIPA board decision on Sunday, April 28, 1996, the company's existing facilities were used to produce the car seats and cars doors interior panel. On Monday, June 19, 2000, the extraordinary general meeting of the activity of the company was modified and its name was changed to "Company of Designing and Manufacturing of Automotive Interior Parts (SAIPA AZIN)".

Infrastructure of SAIPA AZIN Company:

  • Land area of 7 hectares at the 14the km of Makhsus
  • 20000 square meters of manufacturing and warehouse facilities
  • 1331 professional and technical personnel
  • Production capacity of more than 2500 car seat units per day

Manufacturing Processes:

  • At painting shop the metal parts are painted using electrostatic powder paint.
  • At foam production unit, a variety of foams for car seats is being produced using 4 rotary carousel and 6 high pressure foam injection machines.

Production and Technical Support Units

Production and technical support units include the following departments:

  • Metal working, Painting, Foam injecting, Cutting, Laminating, Final assembling, Products final installation, Customization, NET. The metal working department includes tube cutting, rod bending, pressing, welding, joining and assembling which includes frame assembly and rails production lines.
  • Laminating and fabric cutting and sewing are being done in the saddlery department
  • In the final assembling department foam, coating, metal frames and components are being assembled to each other
  • NET department duty is to keep all equipment operational and to provide technical services and support to improve the status of production. This department also performs preventive and emergency maintenance of equipment and machineries during their production according to the schedule.

Contact Info

Tehran, Karaj Special Road, Kilometer 14, Golestanak Street, No. 12

Phone: 021-44922203

Public Relations:

Fax: 021-44922207